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Mexssub Website Redesign – Web Design & Development

Website redesigns take on many shapes and sizes. When a Houston oil and gas company recently wanted to refresh its website, our digital guru and branding specialist envisioned a clean structure with a powerful story to move buyers through the brand journey.


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The existing content footprint did not tell the company’s full story, nor was it mobile responsive.

It required new brand messaging and an overhauled look and feel, including a fresh logo and color scheme, to convey a sense of professionalism and personality about this pipeline integrity company and its storied 30-plus year history.

We discussed building out the story from a four-page site to a 10-page experience including a fully SEO’d site that linked to social media accounts we would establish to help build the brand story.

After a lengthy brand messaging session, we established a strong messaging hierarchy to bring the sales strategy to life.


web design houston

The modern, fully responsive site set itself apart from the competition with complete brand messaging, including a captivating value proposition across the banner image conveying immediately to their desired buyers the specialized problems they solve and how they are different.

Inner pages offer audiences a clean layout detailing the value of its products and services while sharing the important history of it’s journey from idea to ground-breaking permanent pipeline integrity solution.

web development houston

The new site also includes crucial data capture through Google Analytics to track the top keywords through Google and Yahoo!/Bing.

These pieces of data will help the client know how and where buyers seek them, which feeds into their social media and email marketing strategies.