American Philanthropic Ventures Association – Logo Design


Our client, a technology commercialization nonprofit, plans to host a launch event next month presenting life science institutions to key investors. With such a tight time frame, little in the way of branding has been executed.
We jumped on board and immediately set to work on our vision for the branding look and feel. The 2017 Pantone color, Greenery, really inspired us in this work. We loved the idea of growth and new beginnings by merging together life sciences, technology and seed investments in life-saving products.


Our first palette included Viridian Green and a third color, Sulfur, a greenish yellow. We wanted to bring a bold pop to the words and make them stand out in a vibrant way to communicate fresh positively with both institutions and investors alike.
The client warmed to the green and aqua hues, but felt less enthusiastic about the yellow. The top line font also didn’t click the way we hoped and they requested a font in italics to make it stand out a bit.


We tried one version with only the Greenery though it really seemed to bland out the message. The two-tone with the italics really popped for us, though the yellow still just didn’t work and with it being the final line, we needed a stronger base for the logo. So it was swapped out for a grey and from there…


In just a few short days, we established a clean, crisp, beautiful new logo complete with a new color palette and font typeface to communicate with our audiences in the run up to our official first investor conference. From here, we can effectively set the branding in place for our invitations, website landing page, investor presentations and investor packet materials.
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