mouth marketing investor luncheon

American Philanthropic Ventures Association – Investor Luncheon

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Our new client, a technology commercialization nonprofit, planned to host a launch event in February 2017 with a month to plan in order to present medical technology start-ups to key investors, accelerators, Angels and others in the technology fundraising world.

We quickly created branding and messaging around the nonprofit, then put up a landing page to establish an online presence as most of the technology start-ups did not have websites or other social media accounts to which we could refer interested parties. Quickly setting up the website allowed us to establish an Eventbrite, which we used in concert with MailChimp to execute a continuous drip marketing campaign using the client’s fertile email lists.


We established a highly-aggressive weekly list of accomplishments to support the American Philanthropic Ventures Association internal team and make sure they reached their goals as well as those of the medical technology start-ups.

In addition to the sales management and lead oversight, we completed the following:

  • Weekly Invitation-Centric Emails, Segmented to Ensure Optimal Success
  • Branded Business Cards, Programs and 20-Deck Speaker Presentations
  • Presentation Review with Speakers
  • Wire Press Release: 87MM, 145 Placements
  • Trade and Regional Media Pitching and Follow Up
  • Daily Call Lists for the Client
  • Various Promo Codes for VIPs, Etc to Boost Sales Flow


The luncheon presentations drew 40 active investors throughout Houston who shared valuable fundraising insights with the four technology founders and medical professionals. The technology experts shared that they already had interest from investors to meet for longer presentations to review financials, milestones and immediate goals.

American Philanthropic Ventures Association wishes to continue with ongoing support in build up for the next investor luncheon planned for June 2017. For more information on start-up marketing packages, please get in touch